I’m a full professor in Industrial Organization at the Faculty of Economics and BusinessUniversity of Groningen, the Netherlands.

I’m also the program director of the MSc Economics.

My research interests are primarily in the field of Industrial Organization. I’m doing mostly theory, but also run experiments and have done some empirical things.

Recent updates

Sep 14: New version of “Choosing your Battles: Endogenous Multihoming and Platform Competition” (joint with Nannette Stoffers and Gijsbert Zwart).

Aug 19: New version of “Games With Possibly Naive Present-Biased Players” (joint with Dominic Hauck).

Aug 16: New version of “The Competitive Effects of Consumer Boycotts“.

Jul 22: Games with Possibly Naive Hyperbolic Present-Biased Players” (joint with Dominic Hauck) is now forthcoming in Theory and Decision.

Jul 7: New version of “Competition with List Prices” (joint with Pim Heijnen and Martin Obradovits).

Feb 12: My inaugural lecture is now online. You can also watch it here.